Just released: Wild About Cats! series

Looking for something new to read? My latest series, Wild About Cats!, was just released on January 1. There are six titles in the series, which is written at a second grade reading level but is geared toward kids in K-3. 

. . .


Here’s the description of the series from the publisher, Bellwether Media:

Calling all cat fans! This series introduces readers to the world’s wild cats, including what they look like, their behaviors, and their conservation status. Features call out specific body parts, compare big cats to house cats, highlight favorite foods, profile the cats’ babies, and more. Readers who are wild about cats will enjoy this fun and informative series!

Want a sneak peek inside a couple of these books? 

From Mountain Lions:


From Leopards:


Want to know anything else about individual titles or the series in general?



Happy Reading!