June 2016 — School Visits and Other Events

June has been a great month for writing, traveling, and school visits with kids of all ages. What I have been writing this month? I wrote a book about Israel that’s part of the Exploring World Cultures series published by Cavendish Square. Here’s some more info about that series:https://cavendishsq.com/series/Exploring-World-Cultures

I also worked on a book about beavers for young readers. Sometimes known as nature’s engineers, these creatures are hard workers. They create lodges that are tough for predators to invade. And they work in groups to build their dams and maintain their lodges.

Beaver photo

Another fun project I worked on was an article for National Geographic Kids. It’s about an animal called a pademelon. If you’ve never heard of one, don’t feel badly – -I hadn’t either. The adorable creatures that I was focusing on live on the island Tasmania in Australia. They are small marsupials. Want to see a Tasmanian pademelon?

Tasmanian pademelon

I also wrote a book for teens immigrating to the US. I’ll talk more about that book in an upcoming post…


On June 7, I had a wonderful day with the students and teachers at Hamilton Central School in Hamilton, NY. I met with small, grade-level groups ranging from kids in Pre-K to 5th grade. We talked about the writing process, why nonfiction is awesome, and even played a fun game “What’s In My Bag?”. With some classes, I also read my book Francisco’s Kites. Here’s one photo from the day:

Alicia HCS Visit 5th Grade 6-7-16

Talking to 5th graders about the writing process and why nonfiction is fun!


With the glorious weather that summer brings, sometimes you have to take a day off and just enjoy the sunshine! That’s exactly what I did…here’s a photo of a fantastic day off in Cooperstown, NY!



Enjoy the summer — I’ll be sure to post again in July!