Goblins Book — Hot Off The Press!

From the goblins of medieval France to those of the Harry Potter books, people have been captivated by these mythical creatures for many centuries. Why are goblins associated with Halloween in some places but at Christmas in others? Some goblins, like the ones in J.R.R. Tolkien’s books, are truly evil. But others seem to be more friendly, or at the very least helpful, to humans .


My new book Goblins came out this past week. It’s part of the Creatures of Fantasy series published by Cavendish Square. With colorful illustrations and creepy tales throughout, the book is geared toward readers in Grades 5-8. Want to learn more and see some sample pages? Check out this link:https://cavendishsq.com/title/Goblins


And in case you’d like to see a sneak peek of the cover, here it is:

Goblins cover