Summer 2017 Releases

It seems the spring came and went and in the midst of a frenzy of writing, it was my blog that was left behind. Since the new year started, I have written 13 books on topics ranging far and wide — from biographies of rap artists to books about our government to engineering titles that explain how some of America’s most famous landmarks were built. I have learned a load along the way and am excited to share some of my upcoming titles with readers.

Here are my summer 2017 releases, with their release dates by month — Ask your local library to add them to their collection or pick up a copy for yourself! I’d love to hear your thoughts…

July 2017

Pythagoras (Jr. Biographies from Ancient Civilizations)

Moses (Jr. Biographies from Ancient Civilizations)

August 2017

Hot Coal Walking, Hooping, and Other Mystifying Circus Science

Stems (A Closer Look at Plants)  


Roots (A Closer Look at Plants)

Leaves (A Closer Look at Plants)

24 Hours in a Lake (A Day in An Ecosystem)

24 Hours in the Taiga (A Day in An Ecosystem)

Kenya (Exploring World Cultures)

Zimbabwe (Exploring World Cultures)

The Boomslang Snake (Toxic Creatures)

The Puffer Fish (Toxic Creatures)

Lewis and Clark and Exploring the Louisiana Purchase (Primary Sources of Westward Expansion)

ESP, Superhuman Abilities, and Unexplained Powers (Paranormal Investigations)

Animal Allstars: African Animals, Facts and Folklore