Just released: Wild About Cats! series

Looking for something new to read? My latest series, Wild About Cats!, was just released on January 1. There are six titles in the series, which is written at a second grade reading level but is geared toward kids in K-3.  . . .   Here’s the description of the series from the publisher, Bellwether… Read more »

Secrets of the Forest: 15 Bedtime Stories Inspired By Nature

Today is a very happy day for me! It’s the release date for my new book — and audiobook — Secrets of the Forest:15 Bedtime Stories Inspired By Nature. Want to know more? Here’s the description from the publisher, Neon Squid… A beautifully illustrated collection of 5 minute bedtime stories about the wildlife found in… Read more »

School Visit Season Is Here!

Patches of colored leaves. Yellow buses. Runs to purchase boxes of crayons. All these signs are reminders that a new school year is upon us. What does that mean for me as a writer? It’s school visit season again! I love going to schools and getting kids excited about research, writing, and the amazing world… Read more »

History of Pets — New Book Series

Do you have a pet cat or dog? Have you always wanted a pet lizard or fish? Are you curious about how and when birds and snakes first became household pets? All of these questions and more are part of the content covered in my new, six-book History of Pets series, published by Jump! The… Read more »

Best Nonfiction Books for Kids on the Polar Regions

Happy New Year! I recently worked to create a list of some of my very favorite nonfiction books about the polar regions. There are suggestions for older and younger readers, and the book formats range from nonfiction poetry to longer chapter books. Here’s the link. Have other suggestions of books you like on the topic?… Read more »

Ben Franklin

On April 6 at 5 PM, I’ll be talking about my Ben Franklin book in an interview with PBS Books. His curiosity began as a boy and never faded throughout his long life. Some of his inventions helped people with the challenges of daily life, while others just brought joy. While people are often familiar… Read more »

Amazing Animals

Ever wonder why some animals have such incredible coloration? I certainly do. And luckily for me, I got to write another six books about where animals get their coloring from, how this coloring can help them as they go about their lives, and much more. If you are curious about animals, or just love to… Read more »

Jane Goodall and Walt Disney

In December, I have two new biographies coming out in the Groundbreaker Bios series published by ABDO. These books are aimed at readers in Grades 2-3 but will appeal to animal lovers and happiness seekers of other ages as well. Here’s a sneak peek at their covers: Both books were fascinating to research — from… Read more »

Having Fun With Science

Since I last posted, I’ve had a great time researching and writing science books for elementary and middle school readers. I’ve learned about the technology that makes it possible for cars to reach speeds of over 300 miles per hour and the rockets that blast off into outer space. There are six titles in the… Read more »

Crazy Colors!

I am delighted to celebrate the release of six books about amazing coloration within the animal world. Published by Pogo Books, the series is called Science Behind The Colors. They are geared for readers in Grades 2-5. But the photos will appeal to everyone who sees them! Want to get a closer look of some… Read more »