Speed Zone

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Just how fast are the fastest vehicles on Earth and in outer space? How do their engines and body designs affect their speeds? Learn about the technology, mechanics, and physics behind the fastest vehicles on Earth in this exciting, high-interest STEM series. Readers can practice reading informational text while vibrant, full-color photographs can draw them in. Each book includes sidebars, an infographic, an activity, an index, a table of contents, and a glossary.

“More than just a series about fast vehicles, this dynamic set describes the science behind what gives these speedy machines their powerful zip. Superfast Cars explains how engineers work to reduce drag on aerodynamic race cars, letting them maximize their potential. Superfast Jets and Superfast Rockets explain just how much thrust is needed to work against gravity and get these mighty machines into the air. Superfast Boats includes watercraft both large and small, from drag boats to luxury yachts. Experiments in the back of each book encourage readers to build their own model vehicles. With clear pictures and simple, understandable explanations of the science behind speed, this series is a winning crossover between the ‘things that go’ vehicle genre and science. VERDICT A recommended first purchase.” – School Library Journal

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