Invasive Species

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Invasive Species presents a high-interest STEM introduction to some of the world’s most notorious invasive species. Each book highlights the plant’s geographical origin, how, why, when, and where it has invaded new areas, and the environmental and economic impact of its invasion. Each book also details its life cycle, appearance, and habitat, especially as they relate to how they’ve impacted their new ecosystems.

Readers can practice reading informational text while vibrant, full-color photographs draw them in. Each book includes sidebars, an infographic, an activity, an index, a table of contents, and a glossary.



School Library Journal – Review of Asian Giant Hornets
“With roughly 20 times the heft of the European honeybee, the Asian giant hornet makes a formidable foe for these little pollinators. This title, part of the Invasive Species series, explains that this hornet has made its way to the west coast of North America with detrimental effects. An introduction to the Asian giant hornet’s physical features is followed by insights into its behaviors and why European honeybees (a favorite prey) are susceptible to its attacks. The third and final chapter, ‘Time to Act,’ describes efforts to stop the spread of the hornets. An uncluttered design makes the excellent illustrations (close-up and comparative photos, a labeled hornet diagram, range map, etc.) pop, and the informative text is appropriately leveled for new yet confident readers. A honeybee-friendly activity concludes.”

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