Ever wonder what it was like to live in a different time? Or what it might like to be a scientist, an artist, or an explorer? These books are a great place to start!


American Legends and Folktales – Published by

Buffalo Bill: Wild West Showman

William “Buffalo Bill” Cody is one of America’s greatest folk heroes. His early life reflects the challenges faced by many American settlers on the frontier. Yet his varied jobs, from buffalo hunter to possible Pony Express rider to guide to the U.S. Army during the Civil War, offer readers an exciting take on life in the Wild West.

Nathan Hale: Revolutionary War Hero

Nathan Hale was a Revolutionary War hero and America’s first spy. From his early days as a student to his teaching career, Hale was an intelligent, kind, and hardworking man. His desire to support others, whether female students or the Continental Army, came through every day in his actions. Hale displayed real bravery in leading his men during the tough times of the Revolutionary War. In this richly illustrated book, readers will have a chance to glimpse the short but meaningful life of this true American patriot.


Junior Biography from Ancient Civilizations – Published by

This series follows well-known personalities back to the ancient times in which they lived. With compelling and lively narratives, these books will appeal to upper elementary through middle school students who are studying World History or Ancient Civilizations.


J. Cole: Chart-Topping Rapper

Published by

This biography highlights the life and accomplishments of J. Cole. Readers learn about J. Cole’s early life, inspiration to pursue music, and successes as a hip-hop artist. With striking photographs and sidebars, the book explores his academic drive, relationship with his mom, and charity work. Features a timeline, glossary, references, websites, source notes, and an index.

“Up-to-date, detailed accounts of hip-hop music’s most famous artists offer insight into their lives and music before and after they rose to superstardom. The books are lengthy and…true fans will savor the minutiae along with the timelines, sidebars, and photos. The text also manages to provide facts without moralizing…Informative and balanced coverage of popular figures for middle and high school students.” – School Library Journal (review of series)

Music Trivia: What You Never Knew About Rock Stars, Recording Studios, and Smash-Hit Songs

Published by

Do you think you know everything there is to know about music? Think again! Get the inside scoop on some of your favorite musicians – from their childhoods to the jobs they had before they became superstars.


The Renaissance For Kids – Published by

The Renaissance Explorers: With History Projects for Kids

Who were the Renaissance explorers? How did they change the world? Being a Renaissance explorer was both exciting and rewarding. But it sure wasn’t easy! In this book, readers find out more about what it meant to be an explorer and follow the biographies of five famous Renaissance explorers, including Niccolò de Conti, Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco da Gama, Pêro da Covilhã, and Ferdinand Magellan, from their childhoods until their exhilarating days of scouting new-to-them lands. Using the engineering design process, kids develop creative and critical thinking skills with 10 hands-on STEAM activities.

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The Renaissance Inventors: With History Projects for Kids

Why was the Renaissance such an important period of time in Western history? Who were the innovators who thought of the inventions we still use today? In this book, readers find out more about what it meant to be an inventor and follow the biographies of five famous Renaissance inventors, including Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Leon Battista Alberti, Johannes Gutenberg, and Gerardus Mercator. With 10 hands-on projects that use the engineering design process, kids create their own versions of many amazing inventions from the Renaissance. Activities such as making a parachute and creating a globe from an orange let middle schoolers stretch their inventive wings and learn what it’s like to be an inventor.

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Groundbreaker Bios – Published by

History is filled with people who have done remarkable things. Groundbreaker Bios tells readers about the life stories of some of the world’s most notable people, both past and present, and how they’ve changed the world in their own unique ways.

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