Chicago Trip

This past week I went to Chicago where I got to explore some of the same stomping grounds as the character Francisco in my new picture book Francisco’s Kites. I traveled to Pilsen, visited the National Museum of Mexican Art and then headed to a pupuseria to try El Salvador’s favorite snack food. I also noticed that there’s a kite festival in Chicago that I’d love to attend next year in conjunction with my book. So much inspiration!

Pupusas in Pilsen

Pupusas in Pilsen


A great pupuseria in Chicago

Chicago's Kids & Kites festival

Chicago’s Kids & Kites festival

Visiting Students at Colgate University

This week I am visiting two different classes at Colgate University to share my book Francisco’s Kites with the students. One class, taught by Dr. Anna Rios, is focused on immigration issues. The other is an introductory Spanish class taught by Pilar Mejia Barrera. We are talking about the inspiration for the book, the research and writing process, and how picture books do or do not reflect different communities, such as the Salvadoran community in Chicago where Francisco lives. The Colgate students have asked many insightful questions and given me food for thought, to be sure. The visits reminded me how much I enjoy being in the classroom.


Francisco’s Kites

Welcome to my blog!

It’s a sunny day here in upstate New York and I am super excited. Why? My new website has just gone live. Designed by Shari Kreisberg-Therrien, it is a good reflection of me and my writing. There’s lots of color, full text articles and peeks at all my books. There are even some funny tales from my past hidden in the site if you poke around. What are my favorite pair of shoes? Where was my first job? The new site has these details and lots more!

I’ll be posting about book signings, new publications and whatever else catches my attention. I’d love to hear from you!

Haw Par Villa 1991

I took this picture when I went to visit my pen pal Mei Sien in Singapore back in 1991. This month we’ve been writing for 30 years!!